Safe Usage Tips

Recommendations for Safe Medical Marijuana Use

Medicate with Marijuana in Comfort

We Recommend Medicating with Marijuana at Home

1•  Avoid smoking or using medical marijuana in front of or around children, teenagers or minors.
2  Always have your state issued medical marijuana registry ID card on your person.
3•  Always medicate Inside your home and out of the view of the public.
4•  Never drive under the influence of medical marijuana. A person can receive a DUI or injure themselves and others while driving under the influence of medical cannabis.
5•  Never drive with medical marijuana in reach. Store your medicine in a locked compartment or in the back of the vehicle.
6•  Keep your registration with the state medical marijuana registry and the paperwork associated with it private, as it is your personal medical history and it should remain private.
7•  Remember that there are still some law enforcement officials that are not completely educated with the Massachusetts medical marijuana law.
8•  Do not attempt to travel to another state or country with your medical marijuana.
9•  Your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana card may not be valid in states

Keep Your Medical Records Current

•Fax, Mail or email your updated medical records from your treating physician to us throughout the year to document your qualifying medical condition. This will make it easier to your card renewed year after year.

•Please keep medical records up to date through out the year and contact Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics to set up an appointment for renewal at least 60 days prior to the expiration of your card.

•Search the internet and review our site for updates and changes to Massachusetts medical marijuana rules and regulations. continue educating yourself with relevant and useful information about medical marijuana laws in Massachusetts.

•Your renewal process should begin 60 days before your medical marijuana registration expires.